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50 cents provides 20 pounds of groceries for a family in need.


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We carefully curate and update our wish list to reflect our current needs!

Food for Distribution

Donate and repackage bulk pantry staples like Rice, Sugar and Salt.

Help us rescue more food by raising funds for a van or box truck!

Transforming our Service Model

Help us create the dignified setting our shoppers deserve by contributing equipment, supplies and signage to facilitate a full grocery & check out model.

Food for Homeless Individuals

Help us maintain a steady supply of ready-to-go, ready-to-eat “no-cook bags.” Over 1000 people a month need this service. Contribute healthy prepared foods or help assemble the bags at the food bank or off-site.


Every dollar we can save on supplies allows us to focus our resources on healthy foods.

Our most needed items are:

  • paper grocery bags with handles
  • plastic shopping bags
  • food-service gloves
  • ziplock bags and 8oz paper coffee cups.

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