Hosting a Food Drive

At Pike Market Food Bank, we make it as easy as possible for you to host a food drive! We work with you to schedule dates, provide promotional materials and donation barrels, and pick up all the food collected during your drive.

Send an email to fooddrive@pmsc-dtfb.org, letting us know you’re interested in hosting a food drive.


Hosting a Virtual Food Drive

Through our bulk-purchasing program, we can make your money go a loooooong way! If you’re interested in hosting a virtual food drive, visit our crowdrise page at www.crowdrise.com/pmfb and click the big “Fundraise for this charity” button. Name your fundraiser, and set a goal. Then send us an email at fooddrive@pmsc-dtfb.org so we know you’re fundraising for us! We’ll share your fundraiser on social media, and send along anything you might need to help make it a success.

Click here to access promotional materials, like posters and flyers of most needed items, you can use with your food drive. Click the “Registration Form” button below to access a Food Drive Registration Form.


Registration Form
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